Benjamin Ross Hayden (President & CEO) is a Métis Canadian film director and screenwriter. In 2015, the youngest filmmaker in Canada accepted to the Telefilm Canada micro program in the roles of director, writer, and producer. By mid-2018, Hayden was already green-lit to direct his third theatrical feature, The First Encounter, with a guaranteed theatrical release across Canada in Landmark Cinemas.


The Northlander (2016) is his first feature film, selected for Perspective Canada section at Cannes Film Festival, among fifteen other international film festivals including Montreal World Film Festival, and imagiNATIVE. His second indigenous futurist feature film, The Eye of URM (2019), starring Greg Bryk, is theatrically distributed by levelFILM. The film will broadcast across Canada on Aboriginal People’s Television Network.


Agophobia (2013) is Benjamin’s first award-winning science fiction that premiered at over twenty international film festivals including Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, that won Best Film at the Academy Award-qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival, is preserved in National Cinematheque of Mexico City, and distributed by Shorts International.


Hayden remains dedicated to the genre of indigenous futurism in order to bring Métis culture to life as world-class cinema.

Benjamin Ross Hayden